Topical Compounded Pain Medications

Sanrai Med partners with Pharmaco to bring you Topical Compounded Pain Medications. All active ingredients are FDA-approved, and all medications are non-opioid formulations and compounded by the top pharmacies in the United States. Topical Compounded Pain Medications have many benefits:

  • Application minimizes absorption into the blood stream
  • Provides direct delivery to the Pain Receptors
  • Blocks portions of the Inflammatory Cascade
  • Reduces Organ Toxicity
  • Fewer Adverse Events relative to Oral formulations
  • Reduces the possibility of Drug-to-Drug Interactions
  • Provides Measureable and Identifiable Pain Relief
  • Improved Compliance
  • Covered by Insurance
  • Low potential for Addiction or Dependence
  • Provides healthcare professionals with another tool for a “Multi Modal Approach” in treating Chronic Pain
  • Non-Opioid!!